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Firstly thank you for stopping by.As you can see,major renovation works are taking place here for I am trying to cut the crap on my page and it is already the last day of the March hols!!!!

If it took you so long to realise,I am Ivy as well as the owner of this page, which I consider to be rather pathatic, that's why I'm trying very hard to re-do it.Would you like to take a peek at my other creation,if so click this. But if you do go there, please remember to come back and sign my guestbook! I've got no choice but to use the Lpage one which constantly wipes itself out, unless I can figure out how to create one of my own.

I knoe lotz of people just lurve web-surfing,(cos I do)so me included so of me fave. sites here.

This sites a homepage for a ton of virtual postcards
More Flowers
Images for Homaepages
Stars...no not those in the sky, I mean those TCS ones!

My Friends Homepages

If you like dinosaurs, visit Dianosaur's Homepage the only page I know which downloads fast, cos....
Stella's homepage is nice and sweet...*gwin*..=)
Amy's page is lurverly! nice picts....great linx...*Ivy shakes her head..no way her page will be this good*
Someone's got a new page! Check out Flora's Page choir pianist...I thought I taw a puddy tat!
That's all for the Tripod homepages...next the angelfire homepages... frankly...no offense..I like Tripod more.
Mice, catz, garfield,movies..visit Jolene's page, now that's her world.
I'm still puzzled over this pages address...never mind...visit Huimin's page newly constructed!
Lastly the geocities homepages...
Davina's page music's this gal's world
Elvin's page He's in the ACS choir and enjoys...sports
This page is the coolest page I've ever seen! Jul's page! He's from the ACS choir too!Lurves the computer too..or else how come the page is so ultra cool?

Now if u guyz have homepages...tell me! and I will kindly include it onto this section.

One last itsy-bitsy thing you must do..it's very important..
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The kind souls who gave me the guestbook which unfortunately frequently wipes out..

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